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MB14 vs SARO in the Grand Beatbox Loopstation Battle 2017 in the second SEMI FINAL - beatbox music & beatbox singing at its finest on the loopstation. Thank you to both artists for this amazing beatbox battle. Best Beatboxing!

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MB14's first round:
00:09 00:20 00:50 01:22 01:46 02:00 02:33 02:47
Saro's first round:
03:36 03:53 04:15: 05:00 05:38 05:54 06:09
MB14's second round:
07:14 07:38 07:47 08:11 08:24 08:46 09:11 09:27
Saro's second round:
10:33 11:14 11: 11:16 11:42 11:54 12:11 12:38 13:05
winner decision

Video edited by Madox!

Thank you to Dennis Scooter Biskup, Long Cai Fa, Madox & Adam Andrew Corre for the hard camera work!

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Audio mixed/mastered by Sinjo from Swissbeatbox

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