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escalator 0:10 , 8:00 , 9:16

ticket barrier 1:08 , 8:44

metro train 3:34

- recorded with Sony a7III (firmware 1.01), SLR Magic 18mm F2.8 CINE, Pilotfly Adventurer, Sony ECM-XYST1M

August 2018

This film focuses on the (L) Train, which runs on the 14th Street Line in Manhattan and then crosses the East River to continue along the Canarsie Line in Brooklyn until it terminates at Rockaway Parkway.

The (L) train is currently the only line in New York City, which uses automatic train operation (other lines, such as the IRT Flushing Line are in the process of being upgraded). This makes the (L) train quite fast and fun to ride.

This film shows some (L) Train action, first at Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, but most of the film focuses on 14th Street–Union Square, 6th Avenue, and 8th Avenue stations in Manhattan.


Filmed on June 15th, 2015

This film shows the subway system of the city of Shanghai.

With 24 Million inhabitants Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world. It's subway system is fairly new: It only opened in 1993, but since grew to an impressive 14 lines, 330 stations and 537km route length, and new routes will still open over the next years. The subway is very well adopted by the people and it became one of the busiest in the world.

This film shows some scenes of the subway system. Most of it is built under ground, and platform edges are usually equipped with screen doors, which makes it a bit hard to film. Nevertheless, I hope to be able to give a good impression of the Shanghai Subway and how it works.


Part II:

Index to the film:

00:13 – Lujiazui
03:33 – East Nanjing Road
05:36 – People's Square
07:09 – Shanghai Railway Station
08:43 – Dabaishu
10:37 – Hongkou Football Stadium


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