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Medieval music that will take you back to the times of kings and queens, knights and blacksmiths, minstrels and inns.

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Tracklist :

0:00 – Black Wolf’s Inn
4:16 – Wild Boar’s Inn
8:01 – Red Dragon’s Inn
12:19 – Seaside Tavern
16:12 – Two Moon’s Inn
18:41 – Court Minstrel
22:05 – Castle Bard
26:05 – English Bard
27:40 – Cobblestone Village
31:59 – Timber Town
35:33 – Blacksmith’s Forge
39:01 – Darkwood Forest
43:00 – Medieval Faire
47:07 – King’s Banquet
50:09 – Mountain Storm
53:43 – Black Stone Keep
57:18 – Magical Journey

This medieval picture is from Wikimedia.

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~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

This is always my first stop in any new town I visit. You can see the taverns, the market, the people, and most importantly - the movements of the guards.
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I create these sounds based on where my campaign takes me, but I also take requests, as well as working through the official D&D Campaign Books. If you have a specific request, you can either drop a comment, message, or find me on twitter.
© Sword Coast Soundscapes - 2016. All rights reserved. If you want to use these soundscapes in live streams or podcasts then just drop me channel a mention and perhaps a link to it. If you want to use it for something else, drop me a message, you'll find I'm quite accommodating.


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