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This is a short film showing a bit of New York City Subway action at Bowling Green station in Lower Manhattan.

Bowling Green is the last station on the IRT West Side line in Manhattan, before the line continues to Brooklyn (next station: Borough Hall). The line is served by (4) and (5) trains (which are express in Manhattan).

However, on weekends, only the (4) train continues to Brooklyn, while the (5) train terminates at this station and turns around via the inner track of the South Ferry loop. (The outer track of the loop is currently used by the (1) train.)

In this film we see a bit of action at the Bowling Green station in the scorching New York summer heat.


Recorded: 9 August 2015.

U-Bahn Berlin | Metro | BVG | March 2020

A long video about U-Bahn, the metro system of the capital of Germany, Berlin!

#ubahnberlin #berlin #bvg


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