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12/22/18: Here’s a full trip on the orange line at night. The trip took about 40 minutes.

STOPS SERVED (Service to Forrest Hills)
-- Oak Grove
-- Malden (Commuter Rail connection for the Haverhill Line)
-- Wellington
-- Assembly
-- Sullivan Square
-- Community College
-- North Station (Amtrak, Commuter Rail and Green Line Connections) - (Commuter Rail Connections for the Fitchburg, Haverhill, Lowell, and Newburyport / Rockport Lines)
-- Haymarket (Green Line Connection)
-- State Street (Blue Line Connection)
-- Downtown Crossing (Red and Silver Line Connections)
-- Chinatown (Silver Line Connection
-- Tufts Medical Center (Silver Line Connection)
-- Back Bay (Amtrak and Commuter Rail Connections) - (Commuter Rail Connections for the Framingham / Worcester, Franklin, Needham, and Providence / Stoughton Lines)
-- Massachusetts Avenue
-- Ruggles (Commuter Rail Connections for the Franklin, Needham, and Providence / Stoughton Lines
-- Roxbury Crossing
-- Jackson Square
- Stony Brook
-- Green Street
- Forrest Hills (Commuter Rail Connection for the Needham Line).

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