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A friend of mine alerted me that the Richmond train behind the Daly City train we were on from Dublin/Pleasanton was the Fleet of the Future train. I was initially hesitant to ride it at first due to time constraints as I had to be in San Francisco before 8:25pm. But, given that I can afford a short detour from Lake Merritt to 12th Street/Oakland BART stations (while having enough time to transfer to the next SFO Airport train afterwards), I waited for the new train, rode the first car of the 8-car consist, and provided yet another short commentary on it.

Ride in type M100 coach № 138 (built in 1982 by “Valmet” and “Strömberg” – overhauled between 2004 and 2009, exact year not known)

Ruoholahti → Mellunmäki (whole line along Mellunmäki branch – 30.0 km)


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