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This film shows a bit of the IND Sixth Avenue Line, which runs mostly under 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

Completed in 1940, it is today served by (F) and (M) local trains as well as (B) and (D) express trains.

We explore several stations of this line, in particular 23rd Street, 34th Street–Herald Square, 42nd Street–Bryant Park, 7th Avenue, and 59th Street–Columbus Circle. Technically, 59th Street belongs to the IND Eighth Avenue Line; (B) and (D) services merge here with (A) and (C) services.

At 23rd Street and 42nd Street–Bryant Park the film also shows a few scenes from above ground, to get an idea of the neighborhood.


Filmed on 28 July, 2015.

MDT recently began replacing their Budd "Transit America" railcars originally built in 1983. The new Hitachi cars feature updated HVAC, lighting, propulsion and braking systems to give passengers a more comfortable riding experience. The trains also feature new LED signage and electronic station announcements and LCD screens for advertisements.


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