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Las Vegas Monorail Ride Along - Sky Train in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Monorail | Alternative to Shuttles, Taxis and Trams

Las Vegas Monorail - "the whole trip from MGM to SLS" - South to North

Before you ride the Las Vegas Monorail - watch how to buy a ticket and ride the monorail

Las Vegas Monorail Ride Along - Sky Train in Las Vegas

lol, when I made the video I thought the monorail was called the SLS but thats because I first got on the monorail at the SLS station, at the SLS Hotel, but it is called The Las Vegas Monorail. This video is a ride along from North to South. (in Bangkok Thailand the monorail sky train system is called "BTS", so SLS made sense to me :)

Map To Monorail

The Best Way To Get Around Las Vegas!
Train Hours
Monday: 7 am – 12 midnight
Tuesday: 7 am – 2 am
Wednesday: 7 am – 2 am
Thursday: 7 am – 2 am
Friday: 7 am – 3 am
Saturday: 7 am – 3 am
Sunday: 7 am – 3 am

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Now let's ride the full length of the Orange Line, starting from the Loop (specifically Harold Washington Library - State/Van Buren) to Midway Airport, by request from Bandage Santa. This is definitely a lot shorter than the Blue Line going to O'Hare Airport.

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