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Note: Recorded 10-19-16.

This will be my last West coast video until further notice.

In this video we have a Downtown L.A.-Union Station bound 2006 NABI 60-BRT Route 733 Metro Rapid Bus #9383 via Venice Blvd on Ocean Ave coming from Santa Monica Blvd starting it's route up northeast towards Venice Blvd.

Transfer here for Routes 33*, 534 Metro Local Buses, R3 & R7 Metro Rapid Buses located north on 4th St.
Big Blue Bus (BBB) Connections Routes 1, 8,& 18 Big Blue Buses. Route 18 BBB located on 4th St.

Please enjoy the video and stay tuned for more East Coast videos.

Note: Recorded 9-18-18

In this video we have a Michigan/Chicago Bound 2012 New flyer DE60LFR Hybrid Route 26 Bus #4304 via South Shore Express along with a NorthWestern-Memorial Hospital Bound 2007 New Flyer D40LF Route 3 Bus #1350 via King Drive both on Michigan Ave and both passing Van Buren St both heading North towards Randolph.

Transfer here for Routes #1*, #4, #6, #7, J14 (Jeffery Jump), #28*, #126, #143,& #147 Buses.

Pace Express Bus connections for Routes #850, #851, #855,& #856 Express Buses (PM Rush Hours only).

Connection for Metra Electric District & South Shore Line at Chicago-Van Buren St Station.

Please enjoy the video and stay tuned for more CTA videos.


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