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After more than half a year of recording I am proud to present this video containing the door closing whistles, beeps & chimes of all Dutch trains

This video is (obviously) based on this video by OltonHall:
And its sequel:

A few things should be noted:
- All signals are the actual departure signals, most lighttrains have time-out closing doors with either a different or identical beeper.
- The GTW, FTD Protos, FLIRT3 and SNG have a sliding step, SLT and MS08 have a folding step. All can be heard retracting after the doors close.
- The ICMm clip represents the lengt of the wistle on nearly all trainsets. There are a few sets around that have either a very short or tremendously long flute.
- The timing of the flute and beeper on DDZ varies greatly from train to train, see thisexample:
- With the Arriva FLIRT3 you're not hearing a driver or conductor, that is the actual sound coming from the doors.

0:00 Intro
0:05 VIRM
0:14 VIRMm
0:25 SGMm
0:35 SLT
0:44 ICMm
0:55 ICRm
1:08 GTW 3rd generation
1:16 GTW 4th generation
1:25 Coradia LINT
1:35 DD-AR
1:44 DDZ / NID
1:58 FTD Protos
2:06 VIRM4
2:15 FLIRT3 - NS
2:24 FLIRT3 - R-Net
2:33 FLIRT3 - Connexxion
2:42 FLIRT3 - Arriva
2:51 FLIRT3 - Keolis
3:00 DM90
3:09 SNG / CAF Civity
3:18 NMBS - MS80 / Break
3:30 NMBS - MS08 / Desiro ML


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