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Want to use my music in your own videos, games, etc.?

Traditional music for you: We are Ean Grimm, Derek Fiechter and Brandon Fiechter ... 3 composers who write instrumental music that's meant to relax and inspire you after a long and stressful day at work. Genres we produce are e.g. Celtic music, Medieval music and Nordic music. If you like to listen to traditional instruments like hurdy gurdy, harp, bagpipes and flutes you came to the right place. Beautiful fantasy music about a magical desert kingdom.

This music was composed by Derek & Brandon Fiechter.


Tracklist :

1. Anubis
2. Guardians of the Desert Palace
3. Ptah
4. Dune Archers
5. Camel Riders
6. Arabian Merchants
7. Genie in a Lamp
8. Aladdin
9. Lost City of the Sands
10. Ra
11. Sinbad the Sailor
12. Sandstone Cliffs
13. Golden Scarabs

This beautiful picture was done by Alex Tooth.

#desert #egyptian #arabian #fantasy

~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

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This channel is the world reference for RPG ambiences on YouTube, with hundreds of top-quality ambiences, three new creations per week and an incredibly active and friendly community. The ambiences are professionally composed with legit libraries or home-recorded sound effects, no loop or bad surprises. The music is based on a fantasy world I'm developping. Your help on Patreon or your donations are more than welcome, as I reduced my work percentage as a cybersecurity analyst to dedicate myself more to the channel.

📌 Here's another ambience for your RPG sessions or your projects, a windy desert ambience with sounds of rocks, gravel, strong wind and a few flute notes. You can expect many more ambiences creations like this one! You need a special ambience for your RPG sessions ? Just ask, and I create it !

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Audio copyrights belong to Michaël Ghelfi, it is NOT public domain or copyrights free
The art belongs to go check her work, it's amazing!
#dnd #ambience #desert


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