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1/10/2020 After multiple issues on these new orange line cars, I decided to go out hunting for these cars after they were put back into the service around the Boston area. I came up successful after waiting at assembly Square in Somerville Massachusetts for a little while. The set 1410 and 1406 came into assembly station heading south towards Forest Hills. As I entered the train, you may notice a bunch of different features in these cars than the other Hawker cars. One difference is the automated system inside the CRRC cars. The technology of the screens, banners, etc is very nice. Each car is much brighter, has more room, and has wider doors. Some of the downfalls of these cars is all of the mechanical issues, such as uncommon noise, derailments, and more. The MBTA should possibly consider getting subway cars from a different manufacturer next time. Overall, for riders these cars are very nice, clean, and wider. Getting on and off trains is much easier and ADA compliant.
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