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TRX suspension trainer upper body workout. Looking for a TRX Chest workout, a TRX back workout, a TRX arm workout, and a TRX shoulder workout? Can you build muscle with the TRX suspension trainer? We put the TRX to the test and get some great muscle pumps in this upper body workout with the TRX. You can find all of our videos at

Tracklist :
01. 00:00 2Pac - Nothing&'s Gonna Stop The Plan (Part II)
02. 04:04 2Pac - Lose Yourself (Amazing Choir)
03. 07:11 Eminem - Unconquerable
04. 10:19 Tech N9ne - Remix Slayers (Ft. 2Pac, Freddie Gibbs & young Buck)
05. 14:11 Eminem - “Dirt On My Hands“
06. 17:20 Eminem - Fighter ft. Tupac (2018)
07. 20:43 Linkin Park ft. 2Pac & Eminem - The Catalyst
08. 24:28 2Pac - Thug 4 Life (Ft. Ice Cube, Dmx & RedMan) Banger
09. 27:58 Eminem - “Apocalypse“ ft. 2Pac ¦ 2018 (Epic)
10. 30:42 Eminem - What You Gonna Do (Remix) ft. Dr. Dre & Obie Trice
11. 33:39 Busta Rhymes - Thugs & Soldiers (Ft. 2Pac, Eazy-E, Joe budden) Banger
12. 38:09 FAKE Thugs - 2Pac Ft. Biggie Smalls
13. 42:16 Eminem - At Night Ft. 50 Cent
14. 44:39 2Pac, Snoop Dogg & Richie Rich - Jaws Tight
15. 47:50 2Pac & Biggie Smalls - The White Man
16. 50:43 2Pac - Guess who's Back! (Ft. Ice Cube)
17. 54:09 2Pac - Guess who's Back! (Ft. Ice Cube) (NEW)
Aggressive Boxing Hip Hop Workout Music Mix 💪 2Pac-Eminem


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