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oldies playing in another room and it's raining v.1

A unique effect of old fashioned music, sounding like its coming from another room with relaxing rain and thunder sound effects. Enjoy the ambience!πŸ’œ

Audio Engineering and Visual Editing by: Lepreezy
Animation by: Lepreezy

πŸ›‘All audio and visuals are free from Copyright or used under the law of Fair UseπŸ›‘

#oldies #v1 #lepreezy

This is the relaxing sound of two people cooking in the kitchen, one of them is doing the dishes, while the other is baking a cake. Use this sound to relax better while trying to take a short nap, sleep in the night, or if you just want to concentrate better.

This indoor-ambient relaxing recording was made by Corsica_S, I really hope he did the dishes well (and that the cake tasted good!).


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