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Sound of rain falling in a foggy forest. Just a typical fall day with fog and rain and all you can do is just sit back and relax. 8 hours for listening all night without ads interrupting the video.

Thanks to everyone for watching the videos, hope you're having a good day or a good sleep.

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All material in this video is original and personally recorded by myself.
Copyright © 2017 Nik Rijavec (Relaxing Sounds Of Nature) All Rights Reserved.

This ULTRA RELAXING 8 hour loop is composed from a ca 60 min extended version of this video:
I took the original and created a ca 60 min long version, added more synth textures to make it more interesting and rich. I tried to get the Blade Runner tone more pronounced in this one, without it being too obvious. This ambient cyberpunk music for sleep is 8 hours. If you like ambient cyberpunk music or ambient music in general, this might be good for you to use as music for sleep.
This 8 hour ambient cyberpunk music for sleep video is called "the chillwave forest".
This video can be used as background music for deep relaxation, background music for deep meditation, background music for stress relief, background music for coding, background music for art, background music for reading, background music for working.
It's up to you to decide how you use it..

If you want a channel that is more or less dedicated to the ambient synth genre, then you have found it! I create long, atmospheric and cinematic ambient chillwave synth drones and I have a decade worth of professional experience as a sound designer, which assures YOU, as a listener, great audio quality everytime I release a new video.
All my music is mixed for headphones 🎧 for best experience.
Also, if you like the mysterious, moody and electronically chilling music from the Blade Runner soundtracks, then my channel is definately something for you :)

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Chillwave/Synthwave/Retrowave Music:


Programs & equipment!

Propellerhead Reason
Waves Plugins

Premiere Pro
After Effects (Created these visuals in AE)

Nikon D750
Sony PCM D100
Zoom H family
Galaxy S9
Shure SRH1540

All music on this channel is not to be used without permission. It's made for this channel only.

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