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We welcome you to meet Bob, Flo, Sif, Ulf, Rag and Hel. - Or Bob, Flo and family :)

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We are running 3 live feeds at the moments. - BOBcam - FLOcam - RAGcam

(Names of the cameras are purely in honor of some of the fissures, they do not represent where camera is focused)


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Our video feeds are from RUV, national tv and radio broadcaster and - One of Icelands leading newspaper. Go give them a visit. We humbly thank them for allowing us to create this community, or family as we like to call it, here on youtube.

------------------ - Drone flight inside the lava chamber - We spotted 2 foxes running around the other day​​ - Time lapse, Ísafjörður to Reykjavík, on our way to Bob.​​ - Take a look at our time lapse from day 1

------------------ - A group of our amazing mods are running a Coral city camera. Go take a look and give them a like, even sub!


Keep the chat civil guys, stay friendly, and enjoy the powers of mother earth :)


The Thumbnail picture is from a good friend, hit him up on instagram, "agustd4n"

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