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432 HZ Japanese ZEN Garden Music for Stress Relief

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album: "Natural Sounds Gold - Track 2" PMCD0067
album: "Reiki River" PMCD0106
music album mixed in 432 hz from Relax Night and Day Youtube channel. Normally Reiki River music album is created with other frequenzes.
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"Traditional Bamboo Fountain,SPA concept."
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We are delighted to share three beautiful healing frequencies of Solfeggio and we hope that this helps you to get the maximum amount of healing benefit. We often like to listen to these on a lower volume setting whilst working but you can also meditate with these or play them in the background as you go about your day. Here is a list of all 9 Solfeggio frequencies as well as a brief description of their unique healing effects. Enjoy!

174 Hz: pain relief (physical / emotional / karmic), natural anaesthetic
285 Hz: physical healing, tissue regeneration, internal healing (energetic, organs etc)
396 Hz: releasing guilt, negativity & fear
417 Hz: releasing past traumas, undoing situations, facilitating change
528 Hz: pure love, miracles, dna healing & repair, enhanced spiritual awareness
639 Hz: improved communication, understanding, tolerance & relationships
741 Hz: internal cleansing (toxins, poisons, microbes etc), intuitive awakening
852 Hz: spiritual awakening, improved mental activity, connection to higher self
963 Hz: reconnecting with spirit, higher self & oneness

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