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tram 0:18

- recorded with Sony a7III (firmware 2.10), SLR Magic 18mm F2.8 CINE, Pilotfly Adventurer, Sony ECM-XYST1M

March 2019

The amazing city of Jerusalem. Israel. New tram in the city. There are not many people. Beautiful view of the streets.

Summer, Workday, 3PM

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Relaxing Walk. No action, Video walks for Relaxation. Enjoy!
All videos in 4k,6k,8k and 25/30/50/60 fps
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Camera - Sony a7s3

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Tram Line 7 (T7) from Zefyros to Plateia Deligianni in Piraeus.

A short ride on a Luas class 3000 tram from The Point - Spencer Dock.

Taken on Friday the 17th of October 2014.

This episode of Travel Comparison features two tram companies operating the Alstom Citadis 302 in Australia: Yarra Trams and Adelaide Metro.
They are pretty similar to each other I have to say. What do you think?

Filmed dates: 7/3, 2/4/2022


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