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An English cover by Caleb Hyles of the song "Imagination" from the anime Haikyuu!!
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Super duper SUPER special cover for y'all!!

Alright, so this is an experiment on several fronts :) First off, biggest of thank you's to my bud, Gareth West, for suggesting this video idea and lending his stellar voice to this epic track \m/

I've always wanted to cover certain anime openings, but was afraid of how they would perform here on YouTube due to the fact that they're past their "trendiness" or that they were just never popular in the first place. With this video, I am very interested to see how peeps respond to it. Depending on how this does, I will know whether or not I can take an older song (albeit, still very popular), give it a fun, silly music video, and be still be able to see success!

I'd love to do more videos like this, so please feel free to share this one with anyone you think would like it ♥ Thank y'all again!

Peace, love and metal! \m/

"Talent is something you make bloom, instinct is something you polish."
► From: Haikyuu!!
► Song: "Imagination (イマジネーション)" by SPYAIR


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