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- Damage the brand of the hololive family
- SFW if you would like it to be featured in streams or my twitter.

Have fun, get creative, and let's all improve our writing together!
You can be the main character of your story!🤍(⚠️: You don't HAVE to be though! Just have fun!)
And I shall be here to archive it all even if my presence may or may not be seen. 👁‍🗨

Music hashtag rules:
▶Please feel free to use/flip the sample I upload for your creative ideas. no genres asked.
▶Please do not use/sample off of copyrighted music.
▶Please be respectful of everyone's creation and show them support and love.
▶Providing feedback is fine and all but please don't be uptight about it. Let us enjoy, encourage and celebrate the creations.
▶Memey stuff is fine too but SFW please.

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