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hallihallöchen, meine liebsten!
(hi, my lovelies!)

It's been - as always - a hot minute since we last heard one another!
I've already teased y'all over on Twitter with a new cover coming soon; therefore, I'm super stoked to finally have you guys listening to this banger of a track.

I initially didn't intend to cover this opening due to it being as complex
of a production as it is and me doubting that I could even remotely
show the song justice /// but o well, here we are. My first attempt
was actually in japanese-- but that quickly changed once I found
@YukoChanDub's STUNNING german lyrics. Luckily, they gave me
permission to use their half of the lyrics and get this entire project
even going.

I've never actually written translyrics in german before but I've truly
tried my best to get those word rhyming left and right whilst still
making sense of what the song would like to get across.

Anywho! I'd also like to mention that I finally figured out how I'd
like to go about things moving forward: I'd like to upload monthly.
Not just that I'd like to --- in fact, I want to. That's my goal onward.
I'm not quite sure if I have some sort of day where I always end up
uploading, but I'd simply like to get one cover done every month
so you (and I) have something to look forward to ´v `
Sound good? ayee let's get it.

That being said, I hope that you have a lovely rest of the day
and an even better week! Thank you for listening.

Stay healthy & comfy

With love, Jen x


「アイドル」"IDOL" by YOASOBI
covered (-5) by Jenny

(TV SIZE) German Lyrics ◇ @YukoChanDub
(FULL SIZE) German Lyrics / Vocal ◇ Jenny (hi! You're already here ♡)
Arrangement ◇ @JonatanKing
Video ◇




#yoasobi #oshinoko #idol #germancover

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► Credits:
✦ Music: @Ayase_YOASOBI
✦ Arrangement:
✦ Harmony Guide:
✦ Illust.: Azui (
✦ Lyrics: @PetiteKero, Chiyo
✦ Vocal: Chiyo

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